Friday, January 27, 2012

Answering a challenge.

My never-met-in-person friend Alida, is a writer.  I adore her words, her delivery, her reality.  She does not know this, but she is the person that inspired me to take my own words to task and push the "enter" button when Blogger asked "Create this Blog?"  Words set me free, and to her, I am grateful.

Alida's writing has ebbed and flowed as she faced the reality of her 30's last year.  It was a rough year, a year of lessons. One of those years that you have to work hard to make sense of.  One of those years that I have experienced as well, and felt my eyes well up with tears as I learned that someone else barreled through loss and love and life.

If I could tell Alida one thing, it would be to ride the wave.  I loved being young, but for selfish reasons.  I was carefree, thin, passionate and in love. My 30's and 40's have thrown me curves  that would leave a major leaguer swinging out of his shoes.  But still I ride my waves.  Because life is a lesson, and we all know what happens when you blow off the lessons, right?  I am still passionate and in love, not so much thin and definitely not as carefree, but I attribute that to the curve balls balls that life  throws as you grow up. The ones that are making me a patient, stronger hitter as I travel through my days.  

In her blog, which you will find here: Pantsless In Seattle   Alida poses the question: What are some of the things life has taught you?

I love a challenge.  I love words.  I love the people who got me here.  Alida taught me the word "loveful." What are some of the things life has taught me?  These are my loveful answers:

  • Don't look back.  You're not going that way.
  • Real friends are more important than many friends.
  • Sometimes simply showing up is winning.
  • Don't worry about being perfect.  You never will be.  That's the beauty of you.
  • Never confuse education with intelligence.  Thank you, nursing for teaching me this on about a million levels.  
  • Your gut will tell you what you really want an answer to.  See above.
  • Be kind.  You know not what people are battling.  Your smile may be a beacon in their dark and your words may be the hand that helps them up.   
  • Laugh.  A day that you don't laugh is a wasted day. Take this one from a girl that laughs at the most inappropriate times - ever.
  • Learning to ignore things is one of the paths to inner peace.
  • About paths: Your path is yours.  Another person's path is theirs.  Neither of you is wrong.  When your paths meet, you'll see why.
  • Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
  • Books are not an option.  Reading is bliss. 
  • Sleep solves a lot of problems.
  • You will never regret saying I love you.  Really, you won't.
  • Comfortable underwear is a necessity of life.  (Thanks, Nana).
  • Your career is not set in stone.  Change what makes you chained.
  • Humility is the greatest trait a person can offer the world.
  • A glass of wine under the stars is how marriages survive.
  • Music is freedom, joy, passion, tears.  Music is free love. Get lost in it.
  • Saying no is the most liberating thing in the world.  And it gets easier each time you put yourself first.
  • Dogs are the truest souls on Earth.
  • Water and everything you can do in it is free therapy.
  • The smallest effort will make a difference.
  • You can never hug your children enough.   

Thank you Alida, for breaking through my writer's block and reminding me what's important.  

Much love to you as you ride your waves.



Laurie {Simply Scratch} said...

Great post Kim. I especially love "Be kind. You know not what people are battling." so many truths to live by. Xo

Jules said...

Your thoughts, as usual, get me all teary eyed. I'm going to copy some of those because I don't want to forget them. Thank you for such wonderful words about Alida-I'm beyond proud of her.

I'm so very glad that our paths met all those years ago.

~Kim~ said...

Jules, I should probably change the wine thought to "a bottle" instead of "a glass". Occasionally I try to keep it classy...