Friday, March 11, 2011

Chapter Over

I put in my notice at the Assistant Manager job yesterday.  In the blink of an eye this week, I lost a friend, I got a phone call, I interviewed for a job, accepted it and made some significant changes.

I don't think I am cut out for management.  I love people.  But I don't love people who can't deal. Thus, I don't manage(r) well.   Let me clarify; I can do it, I just am not happy doing it.  Last month my director put in his notice and left nursing to be, of all things, a Pastor. I believe he realized that the profession of nursing can suck your soul dry if you let it, so he chose to do something that fulfilled his soul instead.

You inspired me to emulate, Director Jeff.  I did some soul searching too.  I hate not taking care of patients.  I hate kissing ass. I hate driving in rush hour traffic.  I hate Saturday night call.  I hate 14 hour days.  I hate young nurses whining that they "have to work three Fridays out of six and how I am going to go to the bar with THAT schedule?"

That's too much hate.

So I accepted a transfer (and a demotion) at a hospital three miles from home.  I will be happy there, because when I hit the time clock on my way out, I will leave work.  Literally and figuratively.  I can take fabulous great care of people and then come home and take fabulous great care of my own people.  Without the luggage of management. Nice luggage; fancy, ego building, but not for me, at least not here.  Maybe I will try it again some day.  Maybe not.

My mind is peaceful.  My head is clear.  I will be a little bit broker, but a whole lot richer. And did I mention my new job is red neck heaven?  Oh the stories I will have to tell you...


Anonymous said...

To be a manager you have to put up with a lot of stupid. You've never struck me as the kind of person who tolerates much stupidity, and I am very glad that you will have a new job close to home-but most importantly, one that you can leave at the door of the hospital when you leave.

What will you be doing?

Jules said...

Well, I put my name in there and it didn't take it. I hate computers.

~Kim~ said...

ER still Jules - some charge RN and staff RN. Medium sized hospital where ironically - I had my surgery last June and fell in love with how very KIND everyone was there. Age - the great regulator. I will be happy just "being" and working in a place where turnover had been consistently low for years because people just like working there. Let the new kids work in the big bad trauma center - this girl needs inner peace. I also may do some contingent NICU - get my baby fix.