Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The new job conversation

Hello, Nana?

Susan? Is that you? Hello? Hello?

Nana, it's me, Kim. Who is Susan?

Oh Kimi. It's you. I don't know who Susan is. I need some dinners, and no Salisbury steak ones.

Nana, I got the job I interviewed for. The management position. I'm so excited.

What? A new job? Where?

Remember Nana, I told you, at Providence in Novi.

NOVI? PROVIDENCE? Well who is going to take care of me now?

It's OK Nana, my friends will take good care of you when you have to come in, and I will bring you to Beaumont when you need to go there.

Well, that's no good. You won't have any friends. They will all be mad at you for leaving that nice hospital. Now what will I do?

Nana, really, it will be fine.

Well, you just go ahead and do what you want to do.


Nana? Nana?

Dial tone.

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