Monday, February 2, 2009

The Spelling List

I have a second grader. She is adorable, hilarious and at times frighteningly reminiscent of blondes on 70's sit coms. Think Suzanne Somers, Loni Anderson, Jan Brady. One loves her, yet one worries.

Did I mention my girl is smart? This helps me cope with the 70's sit com thing, and allows me to sleep at night knowing she will succeed in life. My girl is a spelling savant. We rarely go over spelling lists more than a couple times for her tests and she always does well. I tell you this because tonight, as we were reviewing "Unit 21, Spelling Long e", I read the following out loud: teach (cue high pitched voice coming from bubble bath where she is dousing Littlest Pet Shop animals with my expensive shampoo) t-e-a-c-h! Many m-a-n-y! easy e-a-s-y! eat e-a-t, and....
me m-e!

Double take.

Eat. Me. ?

Yes, friends. Eat Me. Words one and two of the third row of my daughter's neon yellow spelling sheet.

Remember the blonde thing? I told you that for a reason. She totally missed it. I excused myself from the couch and trotted in to the family room to share with those who I am sure would appreciate such an educational gem; my husband and fifteen year old son. They did not disappoint. Isn't it great when you present something and are rewarded with guffaws and snorts? It's the best! One teenage sense of humor and an adult with a teenage sense of humor came through for me. We gleefully pondered if Mrs. A, the teacher, read the list in eat me order out loud to the class, and if second graders giggled into their sleeves? I wish I was a fly on the wall on spelling test Wednesday.

My husband was compelled to take the spelling test to work in order to photocopy it. Eat, Me. Preserved for history in my daughter's childhood memoirs.

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